Past Lives and Soul's Growth

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

It is not a matter of chance that we are who we are. Our families are not by chance either. It is all part of a big plan to help our souls evolve. Our soul travels from life to life. Each different life experience enriches the soul with new lessons learned.

The following is an answer that I received from my spirit guides through meditation. We all have an essence of Source (some would call Source God, the Light, or other names) within us. Throughout life, we live through different experiences that move us away from who we truly are. We might remember our true self along the way and turn our lives back into the right track, back to following our soul's purpose in life.

At first the memories from the past life might be present, but we are not ready to understand those memories. As we grow older and develop our intuition, we can start recognizing what we have lived before and connect the dots in our present life to help in the evolution of our souls.

Remembering our past lives can take some time; it doesn’t just happen all of the sudden as we need to understand the process of how to get there. There are many possible methods to reach out to the past life experiences and understand the lessons to be learned, such as through meditation, dreams, and spontaneous thoughts. Another efficient method is past life regressions with the help of someone trained in the techniques that can facilitate the process of remembering the details of those previous lives.

Why can’t we remember our past lives and continue our soul’s life journey from where we left in the previous life? Wouldn’t it be easier to just use our lessons learned and evolve from there?

The complexity of our minds and exposure to others and different experiences create an evolution within ourselves. It is when we are reborn into a new body that we receive a complete new chance to restart and reuse what we have learned before we left through our previous physical life.

It is pure love from Source that allows us, our souls, to continue living human experiences in different times and spaces that would enrich our souls and bring it to enlightenment, closer to that perfection that brings us closer to Source. We always have another chance after this life to continue learning and evolving to our higher version of ourselves. Our human body is a magnificent vessel for our soul to travel and experience that which will help our soul evolve.

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