Faith and the Law of Attraction

Updated: May 14, 2019

Sometimes it is difficult to move on in life. Sometimes we just see the problem, the issue that we are going through. The blind that we put in our eyes, not purposely, gives us this peripheral vision that stops us from seeing other possibilities that could bring a different perspective to the situation. Our soul feels trapped into the life experiences that bring the feeling of helplessness and the need to break free. How can we do that?

It all starts with having faith. Knowing that whatever is bringing us down is going to pass. Knowing that behind this blindfold of insecurities, pain, anger, or whatever other negative feelings we might be experiencing, we have the answer to our soul’s happiness and enlightenment. Every problem we run into comes with a solution. If we are ready for the solution, we will see it right then. If we are afraid of what the solution might be, we will create resistance and feel as if there is no solution.

Faith works along with the Law of Attraction. You attract that which you talk about and, mainly, what you think about. Just because you keep your thoughts to yourself it doesn’t mean that you will not attract it. When you think, you are still holding the energy that will attract that which you think about. We are made of energy and we emit energy out to the Universe. Our thoughts are like magnets. If you wish for something good, why would you think of the opposite? If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses, you don’t go to the store thinking that you don’t want to buy a hat. You shop thinking that you want to buy a pair of sunglasses. If you want something specific in your life, such as finding the right partner, why not thinking of the specific qualities of this person instead of those that you don’t want in this person?

When we act with faith, we think of that which we most desire at the moment. As we send our thoughts out into the Universe, we are sending out the energy of our wishes. As we maintain a positive attitude we keep the gate open for receiving, the materialization of our desires into something that we can see or feel. It is the Law of Attraction. And you might be thinking, easier said than done. How can I keep thinking of something that I want to receive if I still don’t have it? This is where faith and law of attraction come together with a little twist. As you attract what you are thinking about, stop thinking of what you are missing and would like to have, and live the moment as you already have it. Faith means believing that you will receive something that you want, then, use your faith to live in the moment as having it, since you know you will receive it anyways.

Learning about the concept of Law of Attraction changed my prospective in life when I more needed it. I was going through some personal changes that were deeply stressing me out. As I stumbled into someone that introduced me to the teachings of Abraham by Esther Hicks and I listened to the numerous video clips in YouTube, I started to realize that things can be simpler if we let ourselves let go from focusing on what we don’t have and living life thinking of what we truly want. The secret is in just letting the imagination run while at the same time living in the moment. Appreciation comes into play here too. As we appreciate what we feel with our senses, we increase the vibrations around us and open the space to attract more of what we want. There is no need to think of what we want then, but just maintain the positive feeling that comes with appreciating all around us. Be aware of your surroundings and of anything that you take for granted. Isn’t it nice to wake up in a cool morning and feel how the covers are keeping you warm? Isn’t it fulfilling to watch your pets run to you in the morning when you are fixing their bowls of food and know that you have what it takes to take care of them? Isn’t it an amazing gift of nature to be able to watch the beautiful sunrise as you drive in the early morning?

These are just some personal examples that I like to share. What are you grateful for? Take some time to think about it and allow the positive energies to expand within you into the Universe to allow the process of receiving.

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