Most Common Signs from Angels

Angel signs and guidance

There are different ways to receive guidance from Angels. The Angels leave signs along our path to get our attention. Once we receive and understand these signs we can find some clarity and better understanding of our daily life experiences. Understanding the signs from the Angels helps brings guidance into our lives, which helps us ease our way along our paths in this lifetime and follow our soul’s purpose with more ease.

No matter how confident and decided we are, there are times that doubt might be troubling our lives. Maybe we have too many choices, or maybe only just a few. Indecision can take us into the path of procrastination and lack of understanding of our purpose.

Moments like this are perfect to communicate with Angels and ask for advice and guidance. When we clearly ask for their help and divine guidance, answers start flowing into our minds and better understanding emerges in our lives.

The Angels bring answers in many forms and ways. Angels are always ready to help with their guidance. You just need to ask and listen. Angels will always leave signs along our path to show their support and care.

It is not always easy to notice the signs from the Angels as our lives get busy and we tend to focus in our problems and in what we don't have yet. We might just need a reminder every once in a while, or an awakening into higher levels of consciousness to see the guidance that the Angels are bringing in our lives.

4 most common signs from the Angels:

White Feathers. One of the most beautiful signs from the Angels are white feathers. White feathers are symbols of Angels being present in your life. Angels are always around us, whether we notice their presence or not.

Noticing the white feather is a sign from the Angels to help you refocus in what is important in that moment and regain confidence in yourself. Have you ever seen a white feather laying around the ground, or somewhere else unexpectedly when you were in deep thought about something happening in your life? A white feather always reminds me that I have my Guardian Angels support with me along my path and confirms that Angels are always bringing protection and guidance.

Songs. The lyrics in a song can be a reminder from the Angels to pay attention to something in particular in your life. When you are at the store getting groceries or just simply turn on the radio in your car on your way to work, pay attention to the lyrics of the song.

Do the lyrics or music of the song remind you of someone or some situation? For example, it is not a coincidence that a love song is on and the message goes along with what you are experiencing in your relationship.

Angels can bring understanding to what you are dealing with in that moment with the use of the lyrics in the song, so listening carefully to understand the message as this could be guidance from the Angels.

Dreams. During our sleep and dream phase we are in a different level of consciousness, free from obstacles that our mind brings during our awaken state. Dreaming is a judgment free state in which we can come in contact with Angels and understand their guidance and messages with no judgement and other interference.

As Angels want to communicate and bring guidance to help us in our daily lives and experiences, dreaming can be a very important part in clearing our path from obstacles and getting clear understanding of what is next to do.

Next time you are getting ready to go to sleep, as Angels to bring you guidance in your dreams. And once you wake up, write down what you remember from your dream. Keep practicing to make it easier each time.

Birds, butterflies, and other animals. Angels love nature and animals. Animals and nature are part of a greater plan in our lives. When we connect with nature we are living in the moment. Angels bring us guidance through elements in nature and remind us to look deeper into ourselves.

Whenever you are going through something in your life and an animal come across your path or your attention, Angels are communicating with you in that moment and bringing guidance to you.

One beautiful example is butterflies showing their delightful presence. As butterflies are symbols of transformation and change, Angels bring guidance of changes in your life. If you are having thoughts about a specific part of your life and suddenly a butterfly comes along your path, think of how you can transform yourself and your life into something else that will bring the happiness that you are looking to experience.

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