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by Patricia

** Hablo Espanol **

Angel Readings. A powerful healing tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Readings can focus in any aspects of life, to include relationships, career, finances, and health. 


Distant ReikiEnergy healing to activate the natural healing process that is within all of us through energy channeled from the Universe that will help in bringing you physical and emotional healing.  

Past Life Regressions help resolve patterns of physical and emotional barriers in this life that our soul brings from previous lives in a pursue of learning through the many life experiences.  


Allow me to bring healing in many aspects of your life, from body mind and soul through my powerful tools of Angel Readings, Reiki, and Past Life Regressions. 



        **Angel readings are available in person (locally in Tampa Bay area), by email, text, and video conference (Facebook, Skype, or Zoom).
       Reiki and Past Life Regressions are available in person (locally in Tampa Bay area) and video conference (Facebook, Skype or Zoom)**

Customer Reviews 

             (from Facebook page @colorsofjoybypatricia)

  Cecilia Mendoza wrote "Patricia guide me trough a life past regression session very easily and in a relax way. I connected deep and travel to a different situations in the time line. It was amazing when at the end of that past life, wisdom started to flow. The session was very healing.
I highly recommend Patricia’s work for her professionalism and care. I definitely will come back and book another session with her.
Thank you Patricia."

Spiritli Sing wrote "Great reading. Very helpful and spot on! Thank you sooo much!"

  Cathy Hubbell wrote "You helped clarify some things for me - you are very intuitive and I would love to have more readings from you in the future!"

  Raqueli Contreras wrote: "Patricia is lovely soul who has the innate ability of tapping into your auric field and connecting to your guides in a direct and gentle way to help clear the fogs you may be experiencing :) many blessings sister <3"


By purchasing services with Colors of Joy LL or any other professional services with  Patricia Salas you understand and agree to the following:

No service provided by Colors of Joy LLC and any other services by Patricia Salas is intended to, nor should ever take the place of other professional services including but not limited to medical, business and/or psychological. Colors of Joy LLC and any other services by Patricia Salas accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on his/her consultation with Colors of Joy LLC separately and/or through www.colorsofjoybypatricia.com ***